New Modern ID Tag with Qr Code for Pet Collar


ID Tag with Qr Code for Pet Collar

  • New ID Tag for Pets with Qr Code.
  • Easy to fit to any type of collar.
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • 2 Colors, 2 Sizes available.
  • Store all your best friend information such as Photo, Lab Tests, Owner details, Vet details, Allergies, Vaccinations etc.
  • In case of loss of your Pet, who find can send message and GPS location to your Emergency contacts.
  • Change any information directly  from your phone.
  • Anodized Aluminium with etched Red international emergency sign and laser engraved QR Code.
  • Resistent Rubber ring.
  • If you already are a member you don’t need to purchase another subscription, just add him on your existing profile and activate the ID Tag.
  • This accessory can be linked  only to an active Membership. Not registered yet? Click here.

ID Tag with Qr Code for Pet Collar

New ID Tag with Qr Code for Pet Collar, 2 sizes for the small and big collar, Star of life etched in red for high-quality visibility, and Laserized Qr code to access your pet information, owner information, and Vet information. Possibility to store Lab results, Imaging tests, and Vaccinations.  In case your pet get lost, the person who find him can contact you and send an email to the emergency contacts including the GPS location of your Pet.

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